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BEV-Boer Valve Full welded ball valves are intended to be fitted as stop/shutoff valves in water and gas-supply systems, in the heat-power engineering, housing and communal services as well as in the process lines at chemical and oil-refining plants, at pulp-and paper milks production facilities.

BEV-Boer Valve Full Weld Ball Valve Design Features
» Seamless Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Body: All welded ball valve body is compact and streamline for maximum strength and minimum weight.
» Stainless Steel Ball: The stainless steel ball is produced to extremely tight tolerances, and ground to within microns of perfect roundness to assure smooth operations and a tight seal.
» Optional Locking Device With Position Indicator: Instantly readable locking device that shows the valve operating position.
» Stem Bearings: These bearings are produced from an electrically conductive material that provides a safety grounded stem to eliminate static build-up and potential arcing.
» SEAT SEALS: The special 25% carbonized PTFE (Teflon) (G-453) seals tightly, yet allows easy, low-torque, quarter-turn operation.
» STAINLESS LABELS: Every label is permanently stamped, color coded with traceable serial numbers for each valve
» SEAT QUALITY FEATURES: Do not absorb water, and does not expand Chemical resistant, High friction characteristics Good temperature stability, Tested and approved up to 250℃

» Uni-body Top Entry
» Double Block and Bleed
» Standards to EN12516, DIN3357-1
» Fire Safe, Anti-static, Stem Blow-out
» Optional Locking Device and Position Indicator
» Size Ranges: 1/2" through 16" (DN15 through DN400)
» Pressure Ratings: ASME Class 150 through Class 900 (PN10 through PN150)
» Standard Materials Ranges: Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel etc

BEV-Boer Valve offers Full Welded ball valves covering, but not limited to
▲ Welded Ends Full Weld Ball Valve
▲ Flanged Ends Full Weld Ball Valve 
▲ Full Welded Ball Valve with stem extension for buried service

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